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Bookkeeping course for beginners at the VHS

Table of contents

Bookkeeping course for beginners at the VHS

Online course | Basic accounting knowledge

In our VHS online courses Fibu 1 (basics) and 2 (advanced) learn the basics of double-entry bookkeeping quickly and confidently - for beginners and lateral entrants.

This is a Intensive seminarwhich gives you a compact Accounting tools mediated.

What is bookkeeping / accounting? What is bookkeeping / accounting?

What is bookkeeping / accounting?

As an accountant, you are responsible for the financial accounting (part of the accounting system) of a company.

  • The accountant has the task, all financial transactions such as purchases, sales, salaries and taxes and record them in the company's accounting system. document.
  • He is responsible for ensuring that All bookings correctly categorised and posted become.
  • It ensures that the company fulfils its financial obligations can fulfil.

The way there?

Prerequisite for this is a In-depth knowledge of current tax regulations and financial standards.

With retraining in this field of work you can then take over the complete financial accounting of a company or sub-areas such as accounts receivable or accounts payable along with payment management and dunning.

Accountant training | complete training

There are several options for learning the basics for the practice.

Accounting is not an apprenticeship, but you can attend numerous training courses at private educational institutions find.

The Adult education centren (e.g. with us) or the IHK offer accounting courses where you can learn the basic principles and techniques.

These courses are often more cost-effective and teach the necessary skills in a short space of time.

What can you expect in our course (Fibu 1 and Fibu 2) at the VHS | Grundlagen der doppelten Buchhaltung?

  • You will learn the basics of accounting (Fibu 1) and advanced posting techniques (Fibu 2) as a beginner or newcomer with no prior knowledge.
  • The online courses provide a quick, secure introduction to the world of double-entry bookkeeping and guarantee optimum learning success.
  • This seminar will help you understand the logic of accounting, provide you with mnemonic devices and not (just) learn by heart.
  • You will experience rapid learning success as you practise and repeat what you have learnt in practical learning examples.
  • You will repeat and consolidate what you have learnt in this course immediately in a comprehensive case study directly on site.
  • You benefit from the trainer's many years of experience
    (many years of practice in tax consultancy and adult qualification).
  • The basics of accounting include topics such as bookkeeping, annual financial statements and taxes (see overview).

Fibu 2 online course at the VHS

Fibu 2 online course at the VHS


  • Legal regulations
  • Generally accepted accounting principles (GOB)
  • Inventory and balance sheet
  • Balance sheet and profit and loss accounts
  • Accounting organisation
  • VAT system
  • Private accounts | Private withdrawals / Private deposits
  • Special features for production companies
  • Posting unfinished and finished goods/services
  • Contents of the annual financial statements
  • Material and temporal deferrals of expenses and income
  • Foreign business
  • Provisions/measurements/depreciation and amortisation
  • Posting business transactions in numerous sample cases
  • et al.

Participants: Circle of participants | no previous knowledge required | beginners and beginners

  • Employees from all areas of the company who want to systematically acquire basic knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping.
  • Beginners who have no previous experience in this field.
  • Self-employed people who have previously left their bookkeeping to a tax consultant and now want to do it themselves or want to better understand the business context.
  • Jobseekers possibly subsidised by reduced rates
  • Start-ups
  • Parents on or returning to work after parental leave

Participants: Circle of participants | no previous knowledge required | beginners and beginners Participants: Circle of participants | no previous knowledge required | beginners and beginners

How is the online course structured?

Unlike other formats, we do not offer face-to-face seminars or webinars. All learning materials are available around the clock on a learning platform.

Experience from tax consultancy practice and adult education

The online courses are based on decades of experience in the classroom.

The learning content is recorded in the form of videos, which are available on the learning platform alongside other documents such as PDFs and work assignments.

Xpert Business working documents | Edumedia Verlag

Since many participants afterwards the training an external Xpert Business Graduations, the course content is tailored to this. We use the appropriate work documents for this qualification. They are easy to understand and written in an interesting way.

Availability ?

The Learning platform stands around the clock 7/24 available. This makes a  Work from anywhere and at any time. You can independently at your own pace work. These are the best conditions for your optimal learning success.

A Direct personal exchange with the lecturer takes place via email, chat on the platform or by WhatsApp or telephone.

How long does the training take?

In total you have in each case 80 days per course Access to all learning materials Time.

Most participants require 3-4 weeks on average in addition to work and family.

Very fast also make it into 2-3 weeks with 3 learning units of 2-3 hours each per week.

Halfway through the course there will be an interim evaluation with the lecturer (#DRNBLBR).


Why should you choose this accounting course ?

  • You will learn all the theoretical requirements you need to work in accounting.
  • Compact knowledge in a nutshell!
  • You discuss all important accounting processes
  • Avoid errors and problems in daily work.
  • The working documents will help you to put the knowledge you have acquired into practice in your company.
  • After participation you have the opportunity to obtain a certificate.

This accounting course is therefore ideal for beginners and career changers who want to acquire the necessary knowledge independently.

How much does the course cost?

You will find the course prices for on the following pages:

Fibu 1

Fibu 2

As a package course - Fibu 1 and 2 in a double pack

Course price reductions are also possible. You can find the conditions here -> https://tinyurl.com/y7wbb46p

See for yourself!


Take a few minutes to watch the following video clip - you'll see that it's worth it!

Financial accounting online course basics of the VHS Treptow-Köpenick / Fibu 1online learn XpertBusiness

Financial accounting online course basics of the VHS Treptow-Köpenick / Fibu 1online learn XpertBusiness


If you would like to test the courses, you can gain your own insight via the following links:

Fibu 1 | Fibu 2

Start dates and details

You decide when you want to start. With the course booking you get access to the learning materials.

Final qualification | Certificate | Recognised qualification | Rely on Xpert Business!

You will receive a final certificate with the graded final exam.

By coordinating with the curricula of the Xpert Business programme, you are prepared for the XB examinations on site, e.g. at a local adult education centre.

You can find out how the Xpert Business System is structured and which qualifications are available in this Video.

4 steps to becoming an accounting professional | modules at a glance | practical implementation

  1. Fibu 1 - Theory basics see above.

  2. Fibu 2 - Theory advanced see above.

  3. Datev / Lexware

    Here the participants acquire knowledge of the software and technical aids.
    It is the practical realisation of theory, so to speak.
    They apply the knowledge they have learned from Financial Accounting 1 and 2 with the help of the accounting programme.

    In our Datev online seminar at the VHS you will learn about DATEV financial accounting.

    You will learn everything you need for accounting practice with Datev in an accounting department or a tax office.

    When you register, you will receive access to the DATEV financial accounting software.

    The instructor will support you throughout the course by telephone / Skype / WhatsApp and, if necessary, via screen sharing.

    Upon completion you will receive a Certificate of the adult education centre Treptow-Köpenick in Cooperation with Datevand you gain confidence for the examination in the XPert Business Programme Part 3 and for the new DATEV certificate at any local VHS nationwide.

  4. Internship in financial accounting with DATEV.

    The Online internship is the completion of our preparation to become a financial accountant and prepares for immediate entry into the job before.
    You learn in a Abundance of vouchers and above all in high-quality bookings manage your day-to-day work.
    You will make mistakes at the beginning, train yourself in the Troubleshooting and are recognised in the following accounting periods Accuracy and therefore self-confidence win.
    Posting is done with Datev based on the previous accounting of a sample case of the previous processor and you post i7 months in total / beyond the turn of the year (July - January).
    You will be supported by the course instructor, who will coach you through any problems and show you how to solve them. There is also a reconciliation client in which all posting cases have already been posted so that you can check the results.

Conclusion | Online basic accounting courses 1 and 2

  • Ideal for beginners or cross-country beginners
  • learn at their own pace, regardless of time and place
  • Complete financial accounting theory
  • inexpensive
  • Support from the course instructor
  • Later expansion with the Datev and internship courses

Complete start in accounting | beginner or career changer Complete start in accounting | beginner or career changer

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