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Recommendation for the self-employed

Theory courses Fibu 1 + 2 in a double pack

Possibly in combination with the online Datev course and the online internship
Fibu 1 + 2 in a double pack
Fibu 1 Online Course

Buying advice

For entrepreneurs who want to better understand the accounting processes, I recommend the Fibu 1 + 2 theory courses in a double pack (possibly in combination with the online Datev course and the online internship), which can be booked individually or as part of a course package.

The video explains the content and process of the online courses.

Fibu 1 + 2 in a double pack:

Link to course booking Fibu 1 + 2 in a double pack

Book individual courses:

Book Fibu 1 individually

Book Fibu 2 individually

Complete training, if applicable:

Link to the complete training programme for career changers

Required books in the Fibu 1 and 2 course:

Course material: "Financial accounting 1″ (Eva-Verena Hernandez) / current issue at the Edumedia GmbHISBN978-3-86718-500-4), which you can order directly from the Edumedia publishing house can order.

Course material: "Financial accounting 2" (Steffen Ismer) / current edition (print version) from Edumedia GmbH, ISBN978-3-86718-501-1, which you can order directly from Edumedia publishing house can order.

Preparation for external examinations (rather uninteresting for the self-employed):

"Certified specialist (XB) financial accounting" (Xpert Business) / Fibu 2 and Datev

"Certificate DATEV user financial accounting" / Datev

Frequently asked questions

Previous knowledge ?

As this is a lateral entry course for absolute beginners, no prior knowledge is required.

Course duration / processing time ?

You can use the course materials for a total of 80 days (for Fibu 1, 2 and Datev) or 125 days (internship) from the date of course enrolment.

Complete training totalling 1 year

The average processing time of our participants is 3-4 weeks per course, for the internship it is usually at least 6-8 weeks part-time (2-3 a week for 1.5 hours each).

Course materials ?

Extra books must be purchased for Fibu 1 + 2.

The links can be found on this page

The Datev course and internship include all course materials on the learning platform.

Contact with the instructor ?

The course instructor is available by email, telephone, Skype or WhatsApp to answer any questions you may have during the course consultation. Often a short enquiry as a text or spoken message is sufficient to answer current questions. The response time is usually less than 1 hour.

Datev Software ?

A local installation on the computer is not required to use the Datev software, as Datev Software Online is used.

Runs on Windows and Mac.

Degrees ?

Each online course Fibu 1, 2 and Datev concludes with a graded certificate.

After the internship, each graduate receives a reference for submission to the employer.

The courses also prepare students for the external examination "Certified Specialist (XB) Financial Accounting" (Xpert Business) and to the "Certificate DATEV user financial accounting" before.

Extensions ?

In the case of events such as holidays, illness or similar (from one week), the course can be interrupted and continued afterwards so that no time is lost.

However, if there is not enough time, all courses can be extended as often as required by 30 days for a fee.

Testimonials ?

Find out what participants who have already completed the course have to say here.
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