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Complete training in financial accounting incl. internship

VHS online course - for beginners and career changers - nationwide - around the clock (24/7)
Learning materials, videos, tasks, support from the course instructor
VHS certificates in all sub-modules, preparation Xpert Business Exam part 1-3, final certificate

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Course contents

Accounting basics see Fibu 1
Advanced topics / see Fibu 2
Practical implementation with Datev / see Datev course
Internship with Datev / see Accounting internship
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Fibu 1 Online Course

Entry into financial accounting is possible for complete career changers.

  • The theoretical basics are taught in the Fibu 1 and 2 sub-modules.
  • In the Datev module, you learn the practical implementation of bookkeeping with the Datev Kanzlei- Rechnungswesen programme.
  • The key module, the accounting internship, prepares online course participants for the work routines in an accounting department or tax office.

In particular, self-control and self-confidence are taught so that the course graduates can take up the profession of financial accountant following their training without any major familiarisation effort.

Support "around the clock" (24/7) .

The learning materials, videos and assignments are available on the VHS platform. Support / coaching by the course instructor during the entire course by phone / WhatsApp.

To complete the Financial Accounting 1 course, you will need the course materials: "Finanzbuchführung 1″ (Eva-Verena Hernandez) / current edition published by Edumedia GmbH, ISBN978-3-86718-500-4) and "Finanzbuchführung 2" (Steffen Ismer) / current edition (print version) published by Edumedia GmbH, ISBN978-3-86718-501-1, which can be obtained directly from Edumedia publishing house can order.

Completion of the modules Fibu 1 and 2 and Datev, each with a graded certificate from the VHS. In addition, these modules prepare you for the Xpert Business Part 1-3 exam in the "Certified Financial Accounting Specialist (XB/DATEV )" at every local VHS throughout Germany.

The internship concludes with a graded work certificate.

Frequently asked questions / FAQ's

You can use the course materials for a total of 365 days from the date of course enrolment.
Course materials are required for the Financial Accounting 1 and 2 sections. All necessary documents for the Datev part and the practical training are available on the learning platform.
No prior knowledge is required for the training.
The course instructor is available to you by email, telephone or WhatsApp. Often a short enquiry as a text or spoken message is sufficient to answer current questions. The response time is usually less than 1 hour.

You will find the requirements for a course price reduction here.

You can find out how the Xpert Business System is structured and which qualifications are available in this Video.


  • "The course is very well organised. The teacher, Mr Hundertmark, explains the tasks very competently and humorously with examples. Questions are answered quickly and at any time. I learnt a lot and it was fun. The course is very practice-orientated. Due to my positive experience, I will also take the Fibu 2 and Data courses with Mr Hundertmark."

    Palmela L.

  • "The lecturer is always available and responds promptly to questions.
    The course is really very well structured and the videos from the course instructor help to internalise the content read/learned even more.
    I'm already looking forward to the next course."

    Nicole S.

  • "I really enjoyed the course and it was very well organised. Very nice and helpful lecturer. Always easy to contact and very quick to respond. I'm in the starting blocks for the next course. Thank you very much. 😊"

    Susanne P.

  • "I liked the fact that I was able to complete the course at my own pace and that there was a constant alternation between theory and application in exercises. I also thought the quick feedback on a question I had was great."

    Sebastian D.

  • "Being able to take the time needed to understand the connections. I didn't have to travel. That saved time and money, but I had to stay on the ball with discipline. I thought it was good that Mr Hundertmark kept encouraging me in his videos, especially at the difficult points, and told me about his own initial headaches. That was a great motivation in places where I doubted myself. The videos were a great addition to the self-study in the book with comments from practice for better understanding. The exercises were also great for sorting, thinking through, internalising and applying."

    Conny G.

  • "I particularly liked the fact that I was able to learn very flexibly and the principle that I read through a chapter first and then everything was explained to me again more slowly."

    Juri B. 15 years old

  • "Hello Mr Hundertmark
    Thank you very much for the fast processing of the final exam and also for the always very fast answers to my emails :)
    I am very happy with the course, it was really fun.
    You explained everything in a very clear, structured and comprehensible way. I can't think of any suggestions for improvement :)
    I personally really like this way of learning. You can organise your own time and work at your own pace. And if you are unsure about something, you can watch the corresponding video again at your leisure without the time pressure of face-to-face lessons.
    I was looking for financial accounting courses on the internet and came across your course.

    Thank you again for everything!"

    Alisa S.

  • "My expectations were clearly met. I learnt the basics of financial accounting in a very detailed and comprehensible way.

    The freedom to organise my time was very important to me. I was able to study flexibly when I had time. With a family and a job, that's a must for me.

    The programme should be advertised more to the public so that the degree is more widely accepted by companies. I hardly know of any company that can do anything with this programme."

    Sabine W-K..

  • "My expectations were fulfilled. I did have a longer break and then had difficulties getting back into the topic, but otherwise everything was ok.

    I thought it was great that some things were made clearer during the course.

    The encouraging feedback from the course instructor helped me a lot"

    Waltraud L.

  • "I was well taught the basics of financial accounting.

    Ralf's videos were good and helpful and the additional videos on youtube were good. He also always responded quickly and straightforwardly."

    Katja T.

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