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Fibu 1 & 2 & Datev in a 3-pack

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Course description

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The course provides a systematic and practical introduction to
the subject area of double-entry bookkeeping. The aim is to master the
system logic of accounting, combined with an understanding of the
accounting interrelationships in order to be able to properly handle current accounting cases.
to be able to treat them.
Course contents: Accounting and
Record-keeping obligations, stocktaking, inventory and balance sheet, setting up
Inventory accounts, legal and organisational principles,
Transactions recognised in profit or loss and transactions not recognised in profit or loss (income
and private accounts), system and application of VAT,
Special features of the movement of goods, non-deductible operating expenses,
Personnel costs, tax types and ancillary tax benefits,
Differences between trading and production companies,
Minimum classification principle of balance sheet and income statement, posting of accruals and deferrals,
Valuation of fixed assets, pay-as-you-go assets and capital,
Accounting standards.
In the course the
Internet learning platform of our adult education centre for use: Teaching material
and exercises are made available online, the communication
between you, the other course participants and the course instructor.
largely via the Internet. The associated independence
of time and place gives you a great deal of flexibility when
knowledge acquisition. The support provided by the course instructor is very individualised;
You will find out exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie. -
The prerequisite is a private internet connection (preferably not too slow).
Internet access.
The course is based on the framework plan of the certificate system "Xpert - Business",
Financial Accounting 1" and "Financial Accounting 2" modules. You can
him with a voluntary examination for one of the two modules

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