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Financial accounting basics / introduction

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I recommend that you first register on the course platform and get an overview there.

You can always access the platform from the Ralf.100M.de page (in the main menu).

You will also find the course address in the first email with the access data. Work through the individual videos one after the other (please do not skip or skip) and complete the associated work tasks / upload on request if necessary.

For some points, e.g. the videos and the tasks, you should tick the box as soon as you have completed the topic. That way you and I can see how far you have come.

The individual levies are not valued.

AFTER UPLOADING, the solutions will be activated so that you can compare them.

To upload the tasks, please see the FAQ section above.

All assignments must be completed and ticked off before you can take the final exam.

You will receive the access data for DATEV in a separate e-mail on request when you are ready (later from Datev directly).
Please contact me when you have finished course 1+2, then I will activate the programme or let us talk on the phone when the best time is for you.
If necessary, please also check the SPAM folder!

Please briefly confirm that you have received this message and let me know if access to the VHS learning platform works.

I am also interested in whether you are a complete newcomer and what your professional background is.

Are you from Berlin or another part of the country? To complete the course, you will need the following teaching materials: "Finanzbuchführung 1" (Eva-Verena Hernandez) / current edition (print version) from Edumedia GmbH, 978-386718-500-4 and "Finanzbuchführung 2" (Steffen Ismer) / current edition (print version) from Edumedia GmbH, ISBN978-3-86718-501-1 which you can order directly from Edumedia Verlag (sometimes longer waiting times) ( To the Edumedia publishing house ) or at Amazon ( To Amazon ) or Lehmanns ( To Lehmanns ) analaog Fibu 2 978-386718-501-1 (ISBN).

I look forward to working with you, stay healthy!

Yours Ralf 100M

Enclosed is the first chapter as a PDF so that you can get started before ordering.
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