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Financial accounting basics / introduction

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Work through the individual videos one after the other (please do not skip or skip) and complete the associated work tasks / upload on request if necessary.

Afterwards, compare the results with the activated solutions yourself and get in touch if you still have questions.

For some points, e.g. the videos and the tasks, you can tick the box as soon as you have completed the topic. This way, you and I can see how far you have come.

ATTENTION: When you have finished the Datev course, please contact me so that you can receive the assignment of the internship client and a new Datev access from me. (in the internship everyone is on first name terms)

Please briefly confirm that you have received this message and let me know whether access to the VHS learning platform and Datev Software online is working.

I am also interested to know if you are new to accounting or if you already have experience. What part of the country are you from?

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