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Welcome to the internship with Datev

Financial accounting internship with Datev

Watch the video about the course (instructor introduction)
Read all course notes carefully
Datev Internship - Online Course

Thank you for booking the course


I am delighted that you have decided to take this course.

In the booking confirmation (e-mail) you will find information that you may still need to do (send in proof of discount / PDF / arrange bank transfer).

As soon as you have been activated for the VHS platform, I recommend that you first register on the course platform to get an overview.

You can always access the platform from the Ralf.100M.de page (in the main menu). You will also find the course address in the first email with the access data.

You will also find the link to the internship WhatsApp group in the course (if you use this app).

Introduce yourself briefly: e.g. Hello ... this is ... from ... best regards ...

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 030 60980023 or with the number 00493060980023 also via WhatsApp.

The online internship is the final stage of our preparation to become a financial accountant and prepares you for immediate entry into the job.

You will learn how to manage your day-to-day work with a wealth of documents and, above all, high-quality bookings.
You will make mistakes at the beginning and that's a good thing. This will train you in troubleshooting and you will become more accurate and therefore more confident in the following booking periods.

Posting is done with Datev based on the previous accounting of the previous processor (I like to call him Rudi) and you post a total of 12 months (01-12 / 2019).
Please watch the welcome video, get an overview of the receipts in the section "0 Documents - Receipts" and read the posting instructions from the employee handbook.

Make a note of the criteria for a proper invoice before you start working in section "1 First steps".

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.

I support you in your work as your coach, like a department manager or colleague who has been with you for 100 years, who you can ask something from time to time, who gives you solutions but doesn't dictate the bookings.

I'm the one who believes in you when you get stuck and who motivates you to keep going.

But YOU have to do YOUR work and that requires a lot of self-discipline.

As you have other important things to do, try to plan fixed times when you want to work in your internship and FOLLOW THIS PLAN!

I wish you every success in your internship and look forward to working with you - we can do it!

But above all, stay healthy!


Your Ralf 100M

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